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Does your child need help with their HSC Visual Arts Body of Work?


Help to complete an assessment task or to understand an assessment task?

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We work with students to assist them to develop their HSC Visual Arts Body of Work and complete their assessment tasks. These sessions are one on one personalised tutoring. We assist students to learn about and develop confidence in their creative process as well as organisational and time management skills, to set weekly goals, and to create a plan to complete your Body of Work. We are able to help students discuss their work and put their work into an art theoretical framework.

Our tutors are dedicated, friendly and patient and very experienced in working with neurodivergent students. Our tutoring options include:

  • Body of Work guidance

  • Artist case studies

  • Critical analysis of artworks

  • Essay writing skills and exam preparation 

Tutoring is available online for single or multiple sessions or face -to-face tutoring in our Alexandria studio.

Fee : $320 for four sessions of 1.5 -2hr time periods 

One session - $85 

If you are interested in us supporting your child, contact us and we can discuss how we can help you.

Year 11 Visual Arts Tutoring

We are able to assist our Year 11 students to build a strong artmaking and theoretical  foundation to develop their HSC Body of Work.  We provide the following tutoring options to Year 11 students:
  • A strong foundation in art historical movements
  • Tutoring in different techniques  employed in various art making practices
  • Assistance with essay wrting skills and exam preparation
  • Explanations and examples to enhance a student's understand of the HSC Visual Arts curriculum
  • Guidance in  Visual Arts Diary documentation 
Contact us to discuss the needs of your child and how we can help you.

Jennifer has been tutoring my daughter for the last 4 years through years 9,10,11 & 12. Jennifer’s specialty has been in assisting my daughter in her assignment work by developing her organizational, research and concept development skills. Jenee also provides a great insight into how the HSC system works and what is needed to succeed. Her tutorial guidance for my daughter’s year 12 Photography major work was exceptional resulting in my daughter receiving an award. I could not recommend Jenee strongly enough to any student/parent looking for a tutor. My daughter is now in first year university of her chosen field


Therese O'D

Jennifer O’Brien tutored two of my sons for the HSC. She had a clear understanding of what was required to get through the HSC. Jennifer focused on the individual needs of her students and targeted areas of need such as organisational skills for my first son. Jennifer, with her vast experience in Visual Arts was well equipped to support and guide my other son with his ‘Body of Work’ for Visual Arts. She always provided a supportive environment gave encouragement and achieved good results.

Mary Jane  S. 

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