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          Student Artworks

Term 2, 2021  Programme

Come along and enjoy our fun art classes in term 2, 2021. Students do a variety of art activities an illuminated letter artwork, a self-portrait artwork, an oil pastel landscape, and a felt collage.  The focus of the tasks in term 2 are to develop student’s painting techniques, oil pastel techniques and felt collage making techniques.  Activities include:
Decorative Letters: students will explore various ways to write their name making it special by, decorating or 'illuminating' it in various forms, patterns and colour. In this task we will look at medieval manuscripts, in particular the Book of Kells for inspiration. Students using the first initial of their name will create their own illuminated letter using the initial of their first name. They will design the letter using watercolour paint, markers and gold paint, incorporating symbols of animals, plants and mythical creatures. 
Portrait Drawing:  Students will create a portrait drawing in the style of a Renaissance portrait drawing with emphasis on proportion and facial features. Students will look at portrait artworks by various Renaissance artists. They will use markers, acetate and gold paint to create their artwork. 
A Still life drawing of a teapot or a Soft toy using watercolour pencils. Students will look at the paintings of Lucy Culliton for inspiration. Focus of this task will be on drawing shapes, detail and texture
A felt collage inspired by the artwork of Jacopo Rosati. Students develop composition, cutting and sequencing skills
Learning oil pastel drawing skills: students do a series of exercises using different oil pastel drawing techniques. This includes creating a small still life drawing and a landscape artwork.


Decorative Letters


Artwork by Lucy Culliton

Our art classes for kids are run over an 8 week term and include sequential lessons of themed art activities  that focus on students developing  art techniques, art mediums and  knowledge of art history and visual arts language. We are flexible in our programming and endeavour to incorporate our students'interests into our programmes. We have an ever expanding range of programmes, here is a list of our popular programmes:

  1. Faces and the Body

  2. Exploring Paint and Colour

  3. Sculpture

  4. SoftSculpture/Plasticine model and Drawing

  5. Space Alert! Explore Space, Aliens and Future Worlds

  6. The Body in Motion

  7. Inside/Outside - Studying the interior and Exterior of Buildings

  8. Kraftwork

  9. Dragon Alert!

  10. Water,Water Everywhere!

  11. We're Going to the Zoo!

  12. A Discovery Tour of Art: Learn about 'Wild Beasts, Expressionistic Painters and Fantasy World Creators

  13. Jungles, castles, animals and Ghosts

  14. Travel the World!

  15. Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and a Book of Magic

  16. Mummies, Pyramids and the time of Ancient Egypt

  17. Landscape, Birds, Fish and Futuristic Cities

  18. Avatars, Soft toys and Paper Mache Bags

  19. Miro, the Scream and Room Interiors

  20. Japanese Culture and its influence on Contemporary Culture

  21. The World Around Us

  22. Cool Animals, Parody and a Lady and a Unciorn


CONTACT US if you would like more information about our programmes or for us to  design a programme of classes for your particular school or group, we can also design programmes to  meet all outcomes of the NSW Visual Arts Syllabus