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Our Workplace School Holiday Art workshops offer employee parents/carers the following BENEFITS:

  • A high-quality creative experience for their children. Workshops develop children’s creativity, fine-motor skills, spatial concepts and problem-solving skills

  • Relief from  some of the pressures to arrange school holiday activities for their children

  • Convenience, one less drop-off to do before and after work

  • unique experience of sharing a parent's work routine and work environment with their child, but at the same time their child experiences a fun, inspirational art workshop

  • Parents/carers are able to  spend more time with their child, such as having an enjoyable lunch break with their child.  Parents are able to interact with their child without the burden of guilt over not spending enough time with them

  • Parents/carers  are able to do a full day of work, whilst their child enjoys a cultural activity


Information about the Workshop

Gardens of the Mind staff come into the workplace and run a full day workshop of art activities in a space provided by the workplace.

Art workshops are accessible on a per day basis, depending on the needs of parents and interests of children.

All program participants must be enrolled at school and be a minimum of 5 years of age. The maximum age of participants is 14 years

All art materials are supplied by Gardens of the Mind.

What to Bring to the Workshop
  • Participants need to bring a bottle of water to the workshop, in summertime it is recommended to pack two bottles

  • Participants need to bring a healthy lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea. Gardens of the Mind art workshops are a NUT FREE ZONE, please do not send your children with any NUT products or they will be confiscated.

  • Participants need to bring a paint shirt – this can just be a large old t-shirt or shirt

  • All participant’s belongings need to be labelled

What to leave at home
  • Leave toys, video games, mp3 players, iPods, iPads, and other electronic devices at home.


  • Jewellery, money, and other personal valuables should also not be brought to the workshop.

  • Workshop participants are not permitted to bring mobile phones. Should parents need to contact their child in case of emergency, they must contact Gardens of the Mind on the number provided. This is so participants stay focused in the workshop. 


Gardens of the Mind is not responsible for any items that are misplaced, damaged, and/or stolen

What We do in the Workshop

The art workshop is divided into two art activities with a lunch break in-between, as well as  short morning tea and afternoon tea breaks


All art materials are supplied by Gardens of the Mind, except a paint shirt


Gardens of the Mind wristbands will be provided to workshop participants each day for a security measure. Participants must wear these wristbands, unless there is a medical reason not to do so. Each participant will also wear a name tag at each workshop.

Please make sure your child wears enclosed shoes, such as sneakers. No thongs or shoes with wheels (such as Heelys or roller sneakers), are to be worn during the workshop

The staff to child ratio will generally be 1:10 as we like to give our participants special attention. This may be increased should management deem it a necessary safety measure. 

Signing In and Signing Out

Parents are required to sign their children in and out of the day’s art workshop

Written notification is required to allow a person to collect your child if they are not listed as an authorised contact  

If parents are taking their child to lunch, they will need to sign their child out and sign them in when they return to the workshop.  If your child will not be attending our art workshop on a scheduled day, please contact us by phoning or texting M:0425282975. 

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