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Gardens of the Mind Art School was created by Jennifer O'Brien, a practising artist and visual arts specialist teacher based in inner west Sydney. Jennifer’s teaching experience has been developed in primary, secondary and TAFE education in NSW. Jennifer’s academic achievements range across Bachelor of Visual Arts, Bachelor of Art Education and a Master of Arts in Photomedia as well as ongoing professional development. She is passionate about art and enjoys balancing her teaching commitments with working in her studio. Her goal of inspiring a lifetime engagement in all forms of creative arts is a positive outcome of the programmes that Gardens of the Mind offer.

Art Classes for Kids, a Term at a Time

  • We teach fun, inspirational art classes for primary school students in the inner west and eastern suburbs of Sydney. These term-based group classes are provided either before or after school.

  • Our courses consist of eight weekly art classes per term.

  • All art materials are supplied EXCEPT paint shirts.

  • Classes usually commence in the second week of each term. 

  • Our after-school art classes usually run for 1-hour 20mins.  Students are given a snack, drink and toilet break before the commencement of class. Kindergarten students are collected from their classrooms and taken to the art class location.

  • Before school art classes are for 45 mins, usually 8-8.45am this can vary depending on the school timetable.

  • Gardens of the Mind are equipped to administer all advertising and enrolment duties.

  • We are a registered Creative Kids Rebate Voucher provider. 

Benefits of Our  Art Classes for Kids are:

  • They are convenient for parents because they are located at the school

  • They give children who attend before or after school care an opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities

  • Our students  develop their creativity, fine motor skills, spatial concepts and problem solving skills

  • Our students enjoy an inclusive environment where they have the opportunity to mix  with other students in a safe environment.

Why We Do It

Gardens of the Mind believe in the importance of creativity in a child’s life beyond the school curriculum. We like to provide a safe, enjoyable and relaxed environment where students can be creative without being under the constant pressure of constant assessment.  Our programmes are focused on developing the 4C’s of 21st century skills

  • Critical thinking – Each art activity poses a problem-solving component, so students need to look at problems in a new way. Our art activities link into other learning areas such as maths, science, HSIE and English

  • Creativity - we encourage our students to be innovative and inventive when approaching art tasks, we support their interests and we encourage them to take a unique approach to art tasks

  • Collaboration – our students often help each other with tasks and give each other feedback

  • Communication –our students learn a visual language to enable them to communicate their thoughts, ideas and solutions whilst creating artworks


Our goal is for students to understand their creative process so that they can develop resilience and persistence to achieve their goals. To give students a healthy dose of cultural capital that will stay with them into the future.


How We Do What We Do

  • We use direct instruction through structured classes with demonstrations, each term’s programme is based on a particular theme.   This involves modeling the behaviour and techniques required to achieve positive results.

  • Introduce students to a variety of artistic mediums such as watercolors, pastels, paint, collage, photographic equipment, sculpture and printmaking.

  • Expose students to the artwork of at least two artists every term

  • Provide students with positive, encouraging feedback.

  • Allow students to experiment with various artistic techniques and forms.

  • Scaffold instruction to students through a variety of inspirational resources that assists them to create individual artworks.

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