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Student Artworks inspired by Tiger Yaltangki

In term 4, 2019 we focuses on the artwork of aboriginal artist Tiger Yaltangki. Tiger Yaltangki  mixes symbols of different cultures in his artwork. Such as Dr Who, Star Wars characters mixed with mamu spirits from his Yankunytjatjara culture. Mamu spirits are monstrous beings  and feature in aboriginal dreaming stories.

Yaltangki seeks inspiration from comics and books. When beginning a new painting, Yaltangki draws the initial composition and then blocks in colour and reworks with more drawing, “going in and out of layers. He paints while listening to Black Sabbath or Guns N’ Roses, humming or singing in Yankunytjatjara or English, painting across multiple canvases at a time, working on the floor, a table or a wall, depending on the requirements for each work. 

He creates whimsical colourful artworks combining elements from:

  • Anangu culture  ( Aboriginal culture)

  • Science Fiction and

  • Modern music.

He uses:

  • Layering

  • Bright colours

  • The orientation changes, he works from all sides of the artwork , that is somethings are upside down and on their side

  • Paints the background first

  • Then draws over it

  • Then colours parts of it

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