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creative Kids Voucher

NSW Creative Kids Voucher

Gardens of the Mind is a registered provider for the NSW Creative Kids Voucher, parents can use their voucher with us.

All term art classes  are eligible activities for the voucher. Our Come to Work School Holiday Art Workshops are also eligible as long as the child is enrolled for a full day workshop.


Online enrolments are not available with these vouchers. Parents need to provide   the following:

  • Your 16-digit Creative Kids voucher number

  • Your Child’s date of birth (must be the same DOB you provided with the Creative Kids Voucher)

  • Your child’s name as it appears on your Creative Kids voucher

The voucher cannot be used retrospectively if you have already paid the full fees.

If you need more information about the $100 Creative kids voucher, you can visit


Our online programmes are  supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW and  the Creative Kids Program

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