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Setting up a Space for  Zoom Art Classes in your home

Allocate a space for your child to work in creatively, this can be a desk or kitchen table. Locations may vary depending on your child's age and comfort level of being alone or choosing to be near an adult. It is best to have your  child with their back to other people in the room or other digital devices. Your child can stand or sit whilst doing the art activity. 


Keep the space minimal with only necessary materials, especially if your child has any learning challenges. If the space is surrounded by lots of books, toys etc your child will get easily distracted or even overwhelmed by too much sensory stimulation

Organise their art materials before the class. Each week we will send you a list of art materials required for the week's art activity. Art materials can easily be purchased online from Kmart  at very reasonable prices.

Keep art supplies to a minimum. Keep your inventory of supplies low (at least at first) and accessible for your child. This increases the likelihood of them becoming independent. Refrain from going overboard on supplies or turning your dining room into a craft room until you know your child really wants to create art.

Help your child become independent in their learning experiences. Involve them in the process of setting up their space for the class, ask them what materials they think might be needed for the activity. For example getting a container of water and paint brush for painting, pencil for drawing, a paint shirt, tissue to clean the brush, scissors and glue for collage etc. 

Involve your child in the cleaning up process after the class is over. Show them what to do after the first class and reward them when they show initiative to start  and finish cleaning the artmaking space.

Reward them for completing their artworks. Resilience and persistence to complete artworks is encouraged in all  classes.  We strongly believe students should not be rushed to complete their artwork in a set period of time. We encourage students  to use their critical thinking skills and to pay attention to detail in all their artworks. 

Encourage your child to talk about their artwork , this helps your child develop their visual language vocabulary.  What title would they give their artwork, what is the story of their artwork? How would they desctibe the colours in their artwork? One of the BEST gifts of being nearby as your child creates is the conversations you'll have.

What You Need to Join our Zoom Art Room Classes

To participate in our online classes you will need:

• A desktop, laptop, tablet or ios or android smartphone
• An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
• Speakers, microphone and webcam (wireless or inbuilt)
• Check and test everything before you enrol, and double check the day before your class!

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