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Why Choose Gardens of the Mind Art School?

I have liked the fact that each term there is a different skill focus - which means the children get to learn new techniques and explore these over a decent period of time.  My daughter has learnt new skills. For example, this term she is learning the basics of sewing and is very much enjoying it. She has also loved the creativity and creating things in a team atmosphere.  As a full time working parent, I am limited in terms of what extra -curricular activity I can offer my children. Given that these art classes are on school premises, it was a great opportunity for my daughter to get involved.

Alina B.

Cleophe has thoroughly enjoyed taking Gardens of the Mind art classes. The art classes have provided her with the opportunity to develop her interest in art using a number of different mediums. The art and pottery she has produced during the year have been of a high standard and she has clearly enjoyed every moment. The art classes have offered Cleophe a creative outlet which has balanced more formal class room learning. She has developed confidence in expressing herself and illustrating class based work.  Gardens of the Mind has certainly met our expectations, providing the opportunity to integrate art into the school week through focused work through each term.

Bryony C.

Insect paper collage

My Year 5 son participated in art classes with Jennifer O'Brien of Gardens of the Mind.  He initially joined the class to improve his drawing skills.  He learnt a whole lot more than that.  The art class improved his creativity, confidence and allowed him to give things a go.  He has been doing the classes for 12 months and he has developed a love of art.  This is all thanks to Jennifer who provides the children with an opportunity to experiment in a creative environment. 
Jenny D.P

My daughter is in Year 2 and she has thoroughly enjoyed art classes with Jennifer O’Brien. They were not only lots of fun but they also taught her about shapes, colours and a variety of different techniques and approaches to drawing and painting. Her drawing skills improved as did her confidence and interest in art.

Jennifer is a very creative person whose warmth and kindness created a great learning environment. She used a variety of techniques thereby keeping the whole class interested and stimulated. She had clever ideas that allowed the children to achieve great results making them more confident in their abilities. It was an extremely worthwhile after school activity.

Dr Nicola M.

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