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Gardens of the Mind can help you provide the best family-friendly workplace for your employees. Gardens of the Mind comes to your company and runs art workshops in your premises during school holiday times. Our programmes designed by specialist art teachers are fun, inspirational, unique workshops, catering for a maximum group of ten children, aged 5-14 years old.


  • Gardens of the Mind runs full-day art workshops at your office premises. Flexible options are available, with one and two day combinations possible.

  • Hours of the workshop: this can be flexible and dependent on company hours. The full day workshop must be for at least 6 hours so that employees are eligible for the Creative Kids Voucher, valued at $100

  • Workshops are targeted to school age children 5-14years

  • Our activities are based around a particular theme designed by a specialist visual arts teacher

  • The workshop is divided into two art activities with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea breaks, in-between

  • Parents can have lunch with their child, or we can supervise their child during this time.

  • Workshop groups are a maximum of 10 children, minimum of 8 students. We can run two groups simultaneously if the designated space is large enough. We will need access to a tap, a toilet for students and table and chairs for the number of enrolled children

We are offering these workplace art workshops over two timeslots:

Due to COVID19, we have delayed these classes till 2021

Benefits to your Company

By running our school holiday art workshops at your company, we can assist your company to:

  • Help provide work-life balance to your company and workforce

  • Help your company keep valuable employees

  • Show that your company recognises the importance of families

  • Reduce the number of employee sick days during the school holiday period

  • Reduce stress for parent employees and help maintain staff health

  • Keep your employees happy

  • Enable employees to do a full-day of work during the school holiday period

  • Provide a bonding opportunity for workers with other work colleagues through their children’s connection in the art workshop

  • Create a culture in your company of inclusivity and diversity

  • Increased employees’ productivity during the school holiday period

What We do for your Company:

  • Provide the workshops at no cost to the corporation. Parents pay reasonable rates for the day of workshops which can be subsidised by the NSW $100 Creative Kids Voucher

  • Employees receive all information from us, complete necessary forms and pre-pay workshops to confirm workshop placements

  • We provide your company with art workshop posters to excite employees about the workshops and handle all communications

  • We visit the site before the event and evaluate whether the allocated room will work for the workshop

  • We provide all art material

  • We provide you with a staff feedback report


Our teachers are experienced specialist art teachers who are very passionate about creativity and the arts. All our teachers have Working with Children Clearances, and our minimum ratio is one teacher to ten students as we like to give our students the best personal attention.

Why not consider a fun and creative art event aimed at bringing children of staff members into the workplace?

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Want Gardens of the Mind to come to your Workplace?
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