Term 4  Online Zoom Art Classes

Does your child need extra support for their Visual Arts course in Years 11 and 12?

Feeling uncomfortable with your kids attending face-to-face art classes?

Let us  encourage your child's imagination and  support you as a parent. Our zoom art classes offer your kids a creative and stress free art experience. Our classes are great for 5-12 year olds as an after school art activity or  an art activity supporting Years 10-12 students producing artwork for assessment for the HSC Visual Arts programme. Our creative  programmes  use a diverse range of art materials and techniques whilst introducing students to a variety of artists as inspiration for their artwork.

All classes are held on Sydney Australia time (GMT+10) – please make sure you adjust for your own timezone. 

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Artwork by Pamela Vaughan

TERM 4 Online Zoom Art  Classes Schedule

New Online Art Courses

ONLINE ART COURSE  4E  Thursday         4pm - 5.15pm     Dates:26/11-17/12/20   Grades  K-6 

This course consists of 4 classes , each class 1hr 15mins duration, 10 students max. in each class for optimal learning environment. Suitable for grades K-6 students

Art Activities  in  Online Art Course 4E   Thursday:

During this course of four classes, students create a series of paintings inspired by the major modernist movements of the 20th century. Students create

  • An artwork inspired by  Mondrian, focusing on measurement, naming lines and angles,using primary colours

  • An artwork inspired by the OP art movement with a study of the artwork of Bridget Riley.   

  • An artwork inspired by Sonia Delaunay, which help students learn about colour theory, design and colour mixing.

  • Students will also explore Kandinsky’s circles  and pastel drawing techniques


FEE: $100. The NSW $100 Creative Kids Voucher can be used to pay for this course enrolment.


ONLINE ART COURSE  4F  Wednesday     4pm - 5.30pm     Dates: 25/11 -16/12/20    Years  10-12

This course consists of 4 classes , each class 1hr 30mins duration, 10 students max. in each class for optimal learning environment. Suitable for Years 10-12

Art Activities  in  Online Art Course 4F  Wednesday:

Spend time developing your skills in portrait drawing with artist Pam Vaughan. Working from photographs and your own reflection in the mirror, these sessions will include:

  • using the grid - a helpful tool in producing traditional realism which will include a focus on proportion,  tone, figure and ground

  • developing freehand approaches to understanding proportion

  • playful techniques such as gestural drawing and blind contour drawing, for creating expressive portraits  

  • use of a variety of media: pencil, ink, charcoal and chalk pastels

There will be demonstrations, guided drawing exercises, viewing and discussion of artwork by traditional and contemporary artists, information sheets and individual feedback on drawings produced.

While there will be time during the online sessions to begin each of the projects set, it is recommended that time be set aside between each class to practice the techniques and complete the projects.

Recommended for years 10 – 12 students. Younger students admitted pending discussion.

FEE: $100. The NSW $100 Creative Kids Voucher can be used to pay for this course enrolment. More information

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ONLINE ART COURSE  4A  Saturday       9am - 10.15am   Dates:17/10 -14/11/20     Grades  K-6 

ONLINE ART COURSE  4B  Tuesday         4pm - 5.15pm     Dates:13/10 -10/11/20    Grades  2-6 

ONLINE ART COURSE  4C  Wednesday     4pm - 5.15pm     Dates:14/10 -11/11/20   Grades  3-6 

ONLINE ART COURSE  4D  Thursday         4pm - 5.15pm     Dates:15/10 -12/11/20   Grades  2-6 

COURSE FEE : $125 

 The NSW Creative Kids Voucher  can be used to pay this fee. More information


Our course outlines  are flexible, depending on how much  time our  students feel  they need to complete their artworks. It is important to Gardens of the Mind that our students are allocated enough time to finish their artworks to their satisfaction  and given sufficient support so they feel they have done their best. 

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This programme of online classes is supported by  the NSW Government through Create NSW and the Creative Kids Program